Under the following manufacturing policies:

  • Cleanness and safety
  • International technology and standard
  • Products and services that meet customer requirements
  • Continuous improvement

PRC Plast (Thailand) Co., Ltd

      The company was founded on 12 January 1996 with the authorized capital of 95 million Baht The factory is located at 1, Moo 2 Bangbuathong-supanburi Rd., Rat Niyom, Sai Noi,Nonthaburi 11150.

PRC Plast (Thailand) Co., Ltd operates our business in the following scopes

• Manufacturing plastic sheet rolls such as PP, PET, PS, and PLA (in progress)

• Packages to be used as containers such as cups and trays, which are distributed to industrial factories in the fields of food, drink, snack, and utensil; and to small and medium sized manufacturers that are well-known in the fields of thermoforming and extruder. In addition, the company has improved our production process to achieve good quality, safety, and advanced technology and could obtain ISO 9001:2008, GMP, HACCP, BRC-IOP, and TIS 998-2533 certification. The company always considers safety and product quality and provides advanced technology, efficient equipment and machines, and research & development in order to manufacture products that meet customer requirements. In addition, the company has high capability in each production process including plastic extrusion, forming, and efficient machine utilization. Also, we provide confidence in our products that it is contaminant-free and absolutely clean for consumers.

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